Air Conditioning?!

I actually bothered to read my organizational behavior book late last night, and part of my tax book this morning. I’ve found that I’m most likely to read them when I should otherwise be sleeping, for whatever reason.

I then slowly made my way to campus, where I slowly figured out the location of a computer that had Maple installed on it. Seems many computers got stripped over the summer. I wound up at the MLC computer lab, where I then spent another eternity fighting Adobe’s crappy Windows in-browser implementation of PDF files—the damn thing kept almost-but-not-quite crashing my computer, and ate a good hour of my time.

Meanwhile, the air conditioning that they have perpetually enabled in the room was slowly sapping the warmth from my fingertips. By the time I actually finished writing my code, my hands were pretty much frozen solid. Every time I tried to type a key, I’d get something like “sdaf” courtesy of my other icy digits.

And now my brain is completely wasted. I’m not going to be any use to myself or anyone else until tomorrow. At least. That didn’t stop me from writing my response to the email asking me to serve on the promotion committee, though. I’m pretty dumb that way.

If I can pass my glazed eyes over the rest of my tax book tonight, then that means I’ll only have a short paper, a midterm, and a math homework assignment due this coming week. Yes—finally!—a light week.

I rue the day I first considered that workload “light.”


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