I had a massive headache throughout today, which severely limited my abilities to do anything. Blinking and breathing were difficult; thinking was impossible. Made me completely useless, especially when confusion over one of the assigned problems in probability completely halted the class for 30 minutes. Seriously—the professor stared at the board and pondered, while the students tried to reason out amongst themselves how to crack the problem. Nobody figured it out, either. I should have been able to kick the crap out of it, too, considering how early in the term it is. Damn.

My numerical analysis class got gently chided by the professor for simply ripping off the formula for pentagonal numbers from the previous exercise in the book, without bothering to prove it was correct. Minor details! [This does cause me some concern over our next homework set, though; we were told to “do” a problem out of the book, followed with further instructions to write the algorithm of the problem out in Maple. If we were to really do the problem, we would have to prove something…I, like many others, just wrote out the Maple code. We’ll probably catch flak for that next week.]

In organizational behavior we got our group work-plan back: 19.5/20. w00t! Judging by that score and the quality of that paper, and assuming I can actually write (as opposed to simply staring at a blank page), the other papers for that class should be cake.

And that, after a brief stint at work, takes us to the present time. I have linear algebra homework due Friday, but it involves the singular value decomposition of matrices—and that have something to do with eigenvalues and eigenvectors, neither of which I remember anything about beyond that I knew what they were, once.

So, anyone interested in some linear algebra homework? <BenStein>Anybody? Anybody?</BenStein>


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