Call to Serve

Today was a pretty quiet day, but most of that was because I was barely conscious throughout the majority of it. I traded my not-so-hot homework write up for more problems in linear algebra, and made my audit status official for probability.

You know, despite all my early griping about O.B., the class itself hasn’t been bad. The book has improved some from its horrid start (though it’s still far from good), and there don’t seem to be any homicidal tendencies in my group yet. My other professors have all been interesting as well; this really isn’t a bad academic term. I still have a mess of homework from it, though.

The event of the day that put a giant exclamation point over my head (“!”) was an email I received from a math professor. Apparently there’s a committee being formed to review a couple professors, and they want some undergrads and graduate students to serve on the committee. I, as you might guess, am one of the undergrads they asked. The noteworthy item of this email, though, was the other undergraduate who was asked to serve: Eileen. [We must be well-respected in the department, since the two of us were also offered grading positions earlier last year…that, or as Eric humorously hypothesized, the math department thinks we would be cute together…] I think I’ll accept, as it (assuming Eileen does likewise) would be a way to box myself into doing something—even doing nothing would be something, in this new scenario. Though calling her beforehand would still be best, IMO.

And it would also be a good idea for me to get to bed now. It really has been a long week for me, despite the fact that it feels like the first two weeks have flown by.


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