Does It Ever End?

I’m still tired from my one-hour night earlier this week. Too bad all I’ll have to show for it is an extremely unsatisfying grade, to be determined tomorrow.

That, and the linear algebra homework that I can’t solve (outside the programming problem my exhausted brain hallucinated into existence), the tax research I can’t figure out, and the number theory midterm I get to flunk Friday.

How’s your week? I’m still trying to get the hang of this “thinking positive thing,” I guess. (^_^) In O.B. today we got into our groups and provided each other feedback via use of car metaphors. What make/model car is your group? Why? What part of the car is each member? Why? I might have been more useful if I knew anything about cars. It was surprisingly entertaining to complete—that’s one of the strengths of my group: they are fun to be around—and I was coming up with all kinds of hilariously awful, put-down analogies that one might use. “Our group is like that rusted-out piece-of-junk car you see abandoned on the side of the highway.” “You’re the ashtray: you collect garbage and generally get ignored.” “You’re the warning lights, because there’s always trouble when you go off.” “You’re the coin holder; nobody knows why you’re there.”

At work today I got an email from the consultant who has been hired to take the “dys” out of our standard office function. She has correctly categorized me into the clerical group—without so much as saying “hi” to me—but completely failed to note that my job is different from the standard clerical job. Gives me great hope, I tell ya. I suspect that means I get to tell this person what I do at some point in the near future.

On the bright side of things, tonight I discovered that I didn’t actually miss West Wing last week to do linear algebra homework. That was nice. I’ve also learned that my copy of Panther (Mac OS X 10.3, for those not familiar with referring to operating systems by their code-names) has shipped, and is scheduled to arrive before 4:30 pm on Friday. That’ll give me something (at this point I’ll take anything, no matter how small) to take my mind off of the pain that is this week.


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