Early-Onset Arthritis

After reading too much last night, and getting up early to summarize those chapters on two sheets of paper in lots of tiny scribbles, I went to school. There I experienced a “buckle your seat belts” linear algebra lecture (i.e. more frantic scribbling), and then the organizational behavior midterm, involving a good three pages of fairly small writing.

My hand is bloody killing me.

My index finger even aches, which has severely cramped my web surfing. Typing this hurts me, physically. I surprised even myself (in terms of the depths of my stupidity) by going back to school this evening to hack out a Matlab file for my linear algebra homework due Friday.

Anyway, more when I can type without pain. I’ll even tell you about the actual dream I had the other night. (If you didn’t know: I almost never dream, so having a dream I remember is a noteworthy event for me.)


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