Friday I got my first linear algebra homework back; despite dropping a square root accidentally in the last step of one problem, I got 100%. I’m not complaining.

During my hour break I sat and chatted with Renee and her friend. I never really caught the guy’s name, though he too is a math major—it was something like Brian, or some other B-name. I’ll go with Brian, for now. [Update: It’s “Bryan.” I’ll fix the remaining instances, rahter than leave them incorrect….] [Yes, that would make three Brians in my current life: faithful reader Brian, afro-Brian [Update: erm… “Ryan”], and Renee’s-friend Bryan.]

I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. I learned about how Renee drinks a lot of coffee, and gets extremely jittery because of it—and how her boyfriend and Bryan would place bets about exactly when she would start shaking. I heard about how Renee’s brother picked her up and threw her down on her bed one day over the summer—she bounced up, hit the wall, and fell back down. She noticed that night that there was something wrong, namely, her feet were much lower than her head. The bed frame had collapsed from the abuse it took earlier. Renee and her roommate are also currently involved in a water fight, which makes Renee extremely wary whenever she’s coming out of the bathroom of her place…it’s easy to get ambushed there.

At some point, Renee really did get jittery from her coffee. Then Bryan said something that she didn’t appreciate, so she folded up her donut wrapper into a small football and flicked it at him. It went wide, and struck the guy eating behind Bryan…who gave Renee an extremely dark look in exchange.

It was hilarious. Quite a bit of fun to listen to them banter back and forth.

Later yesterday I met up with my O.B. group to get a whole lot of chatting done over a very small amount of work. We learned that there are multiple (what essentially boil down to) usability guidelines for designing layouts of houses—such as there must be enough space on both sides of the dishwasher for two people to unload dishes at the same time. Obvious stuff, mostly, but things that get annoying when they’re forgotten. Yunho and I were also treated to an extended discussion about boyfriends/husbands/fathers who are pack rats. One has a cotton candy machine that hasn’t been used in years; another found a use for a mowing machine part in some car. All agreed that it was terrible when their respective pack rats found a use for one of their saved items, as it just reinforced the habit and provided them an argument when others wanted to clean out the house.

I’m now looking forward to putting off my homework (stupidest decision I’ll make all week—I can tell you that now) to go eat food at the UHC tailgater and later to watch football and play Smash Bros. with Andy & the gang. Meanwhile, you all should check out the latest Something Awful Photoshop Phriday—it’s pretty good.


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