I have at least three distinct, interesting things to comment on today. Don’t get used to it.

First: CNN predicts that Californians gave Gray Davis the boot and put the Governator in his place! Because I don’t live in California, I can be dispassionately interested in what will follow—I’m really quite curious.

Second: today was the most exciting day in dance class, ever! And I missed the main excitement. (Typical.)

After arriving and putting on my dance shoes, I exited quickly to visit the bathroom. Upon my return, everybody—who had been either chatting or dancing when I left—was frozen and staring at the ceiling. Jimmy informed me that two or three tiles had fallen (and this is a two-story room, so there’s an extra dose of kinetic energy to convert into Pure Destructive Power). Upon closer inspection (the first time I ever really paused to examine the room) I noticed quite a bit of water damage and some other tiles that seemed ready to take a plunge.

So, to avoid casualties, we moved next door to the gym. It was like a high school dance all over again—basketball court lined floor, crappy stereo system—except populated with people who can do more than rock around in a little circle while gazing into each others’ hormonally-charged eyes. Dance continues to be one of my more interesting courses—and not just because of the hormones.

Hah. Me stupid.

Finally: I’ve never felt envious of another man’s powerbook, until now. This poster on Ars Technica’s forums, kefkafloyd, had one of the most interesting ideas I’ve seen in a while about collecting autographs. I want.

Special bonus paragraph: my O.B. group seems pretty nifty. We spent two hours working on an “official work plan,” and actually had a good ratio of productive time to fun time. If we don’t kill each other by the time we have to create real papers, we might actually have a decent time of it.


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