Linear Algebra

Last night I tried reading my linear algebra book, and it went completely over my head. That panicked me a bit, since I have linear algebra homework due Friday morning.

Today in class, Renee told me the homework was easy. This sufficiently shamed me into taking care of three of the four problems assigned this evening. I even took my first foray into programming with Matlab this evening. It feels a bit more ghetto than Maple, but I’ve only used two or three commands in it so far.

Incidentally: if I need to “delete” the first column of a 4×4 matrix in a way that reduces the column dimension by one, would I want to convert the matrix into a 4×3 matrix, or just zero out the first column? I still don’t remember my linear algebra from before.

Tried to get my $20 “free” upgrade to Panther today. Too bad that Apple decided not to upload the list of already-purchased G5 serial numbers into their online system, so I’m reduced to printing out and mailing my order, like people had to do in the early ninties. With only fifteen days until Panther ships, will my check make it in time?!??? Let me tell you: I’m holding my breath.

Whoa. A familiar face just caught my eye on OSU’s main page. Weird. It’s a shame they didn’t give any actual quotes that I could use to mercilessly taunt her with, though.


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