Losing Steam

I continue to be worn out, and school is actually starting to move along now. Not good. Mondays and Wednesdays are loooooong days, I’m afraid.

I actually was able to get lunch today, which was nice. That was made possible because of the Free E. Coli (free hamburgers) being dished out in the quad; lines for Woodstock’s were tolerable without the couple-hundred people who were busy eating cow. I even got a Vanilla Coke—I’ve had to make do without ever since 7-Eleven removed it from their taps. (I’m too lazy to pick a bottle up at WinCo, I guess.) It was a definite tasty treat in an otherwise grueling day.

So I don’t know if I won or shot myself in the foot in O.B. (acronyms! argh!) today. My group consists of an older gal who has a three-year-old kid (she seems responsible, at least), that Korean guy I met on the first day, a chemical engineer (?!), and two others that I have no intelligence on yet. With six people in the group, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever be able to all meet at the same time… Anyway, the reason I’m wondering if what I’ve done is good or bad is because, I hypothesize, a group that half cares might not let me railroad my agenda (namely, passably-well-written papers) through the entire course.

Oh yes: That Girl now has a name: Renee. She and Bryan and I will have to assume some triangular battle strategy to effortlessly destroy the three math classes we share.

…and I think I’ll call it quits for now. My eyes have stopped trying to focus, and I still have chapter one of my Intro to Tax book to read. At least I got my blog rotated for the new month, right? If you’re extremely bored, you can have a gander at the photo I took of my G5 in the tiny, tiny space I managed to make for it at the side of my desk. It’s really not a good photo.


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