Night/Day/Night of the Panther

So Friday night was the official release date of Mac OS X 10.3, code-named Panther. I spent all of Friday night backing up my machine (stupid backup takes forever), and then installed Panther earlier today. After great delays (mostly due to e-double-x-treme napping), I reinstalled all my applications…and I think I’m finally up to speed. That’s why my beloved blog has been neglected, recently—my files were all safely tucked away where I couldn’t get to them, until now.

The new OS seems pretty snazzy, actually. The new sidebar in Finder windows looks to be quite usable, and Exposé is surprisingly handy (“show all windows” is now mapped to my center mouse button, which is a button that I’ve previously ignored). I’ve already made use of Fast User Switching to continue setting up my machine while one account was locked up installing software. Neat stuff.

Still sleep-deprived right now, though, so I’ll have to drop a mega-update later…erm…today. I better have time to do that, or I’ll be irritated.


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