Still Not Dead

Wow. This first week wasn’t the worst week in my life, but it was not a good start to school.

Catch-up: Thursday featured my first (and far from last, dammit) group meeting of the academic year. [Group meeting in the first week ==> Bad News] I met with most of my O.B. team (with so many people, I doubt that we’ll ever all be able to meet at the same time), who impressed me more than I thought they would. I guess that’s good. We still spent two and a half hours pounding on a “work plan” to help organize ourselves against the tasks we’ll face this term. It’s still not done, of course. I planned on working on the write up for that some this weekend, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Ah yes, the weekend. Friday was a “meh” day made better by the absence of Organizational Behavior. At work I’m drowning in paper I have no time to scan, and trying to get files copied to DVD that require ages to process (and tie up my scanning computer, to boot). Later in the evening I learned that my scanning job is getting passed off to a coworker who only wanted the job for the money. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is really the only reason she’s taking the job—she has no interest in the work itself whatsoever. Also Friday, I discovered that this coworker had fucked up some checks I was dealing with. I wouldn’t care about all this, but I have to try to work with the stuff she’ll be scanning shortly.

I bet I can drop my annoying DVD backup project on her, too. She’ll hate me, because it pretty much all needs to be done over weekends, but she deserves it. Of course, that means that we’ll be losing a chunk of our archives from early 2002 shortly. Ah well.

Um…yeah. Today I helped wash and wax my car, only to discover how truly weak I am. I need to do that a few days in a row to strengthen my upper body—and then I’ll be ready to get all wax-on wax-off on people’s asses. Like my coworker.

Tonight Mom and Dad watched The Two Towers, while Marin and I halfhearted watched the second half of Drive Me Crazy on TV. [During commercials we’d watch Teen Titans, the most anime-influenced American cartoon I’ve ever seen. Sweat drops, breath mushrooms, you name it. Looking back, we probably should have given more screen time to the cartoon.] We had to rinse our brains out afterwards by taking in two episodes of Super GALS!, which was much more intelligent than Drive Me Crazy, despite being animated.

Lost in Translation is now playing in Corvallis, and I want to go see it sometime. Unfortunately, I haven’t poked my homework at all since Thursday evening’s meeting…which now puts me in my traditional spot of doing math homework on Sunday that’s due Monday. The new twist is that I also have a whole bunch of other junk that I need to do. Doesn’t look good for me.


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