My first midterm of the year is tomorrow, in organizational behavior. As a third-year senior, my initial inclination is to write off this junior-level course as fluff and read through the first manga of Azumanga Daioh instead.

That would be folly. It would also be fun, but I won’t think about that now.

So I’ve currently re-read four of the six organizational behavior chapters I’ll be tested on, and will create a fun cheat-sheet after I’ve completed my re-reading. Unfortunately, my consciousness is fading quickly—so I’ll refrain from updating my blog more than this.

Well, OK, one more thing: I actually did linear algebra last night! I calculated eigenvectors and eigenvalues and inverses of matrices and all kinds of stuff. It’s reassuring to find that I can still actually do some of those things I wasn’t sure about.

Now if I can only kick the crap out of a junior-level course’s midterm…


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