Stupid Halloween

I’m dead tired, and it’s now (technically) one of my least-favorite days of the year. Halloween will never beat what happened two years ago, so I’ll probably end up watching Halloween with the volume turned up loud enough so that I don’t have to listen to the incessant doorbell. But, yes, two years ago: I was over at Andy’s, and we had just finished watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. Andy was in the bathroom, and Nate was fiddling with the PS2, when the doorbell rang…so I answered it. I found a college gal wearing a sports bra, short shorts, and angel wings, on the other side of the door.

Best Halloween Ever.

Yeah. My single accomplishment of the evening was that I successfully wrote something down on paper to turn in as math homework tomorrow.

Today (i.e. Thursday) was actually a fairly social day for me. I was chided by Michele for arriving to class a few minutes late (“Nice of you to join us, Brent!”), which resulted in a little good-natured bickering back and forth. We got out of tax early today, and I ran into Jenny and Elizabeth (some of my O.B. group members, and also tax classmates) in the hallway afterwards. We spent a few minutes discussing the next tax letter we get to write (if you buy a Hummer that’ll be used 85% of the time as a business vehicle, what is its tax treatment?), which is surprisingly convoluted.

In dance class we spent the hour learning a fairly long rhumba combination, and I chatted with the follows much more than I usually do. Most notable was Becky: when I rotated to her, she asked me if I had the combination down. I told her (honestly) it was a bit iffy; she then told me that she believed I had it down. We ran through it, and managed to nail the combination’s general gist (i.e. it was far from perfect, though it was functional). Afterwards I paused, and then told Becky that she was right, that I did have it down. We both cracked up something fierce at that.

After dance I visited Yayoi to discuss the math homework I finished writing up tonight, and then visited the Commons—where I ran into Jenny and Elizabeth again, as well as Renee. I also met Renee’s fiancee, Adam.

I then came home and had fun draining water out of hoses and trying to insulate the outside faucets. Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to sport lows around 28 degrees Fahrenheit….getting pretty chilly.


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