The Death Drop

Today in tax class I discovered that I’m a bookie and Cody is a drug runner. There were also hints of a prostitution ring, but nothing ever really came of that. Yes, indeed, we were discussing what income must be included in your taxes. The general rule is that any income must be reported, unless some part of the Internal Revenue Code says otherwise—but the IRC still spells out a few types of income that must be reported. Humorously, to me, is the fact that “income from illegal activities” is one of the items on that list.

No wonder they got so many people on tax evasion.

I successfully completed the Death Drop multiple times in ballroom dance today, which is a new high point in my spotty dance career. The move earns its name from how it looks, not how hard it is (nor from the number of people who have died while attempting it, sadly). Anyway, the lead is supposed to stand and look stoic, while helping support the follow as she gets as close to lying on the ground as you can get without lying on the ground. It actually looks pretty neat, and—until today—completely eluded me. I don’t know if I just had better balance today than I’ve had in the past, or if my wax-on wax-off adventures over the weekend gave me just enough arm strength to pull it off.

Work was wonderfully quiet today, since everybody took off to some off-site location to complain openly to each other (or, at least, I assume that’s what they did). I listened to a good portion of The Phantom of the Opera, and got to sing along whenever I felt like it…and, when I got tired of listening to music, I was able to enjoy sweet sweet silence. I am such the introvert.

O.B. tells us that introverts aren’t necessarily quiet and shy, FYI. Introverts just “draw their energy” from quiet time alone, whereas extroverts draw energy from groups of people. I suppose that makes vampires extroverts.

This evening I wrote up the worst math homework I’ve done in quite a while. Most of the stuff you could see as true without my having to do anything—and, oddly enough, it’s damn hard to write down something when it’s that easy to see.


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