Wax On

Details I failed to include in the last update: after we finished applying the resin glaze to the cars, we were supposed to keep them dry for two or three hours. That’s when it started drizzling on us. As a result, we re-protected the cars again this morning, and I got a second day of wax-on wax-off technique under my belt. My right elbow hurts a bit from it.

Also, that Teen Titans show is so anime-inspired that they hired some Japanese band to sing the end theme in Engrish. The central prom event in Drive Me Crazy was at some psycho-large ultra-posh location, which probably would cost as much to use as 509J has to run the schools for a year. Crazy.

Organizational Behavior allows us two ways to influence our group members to pull their own weight: control over 5% of their grade, and the ability to make them feel welcome (or not) in the group. This seems to typify the general logical powers of the O.B. crowd (can you tell I’m not impressed at all with the class?)…what happens if somebody doesn’t care about 5% of the grade? Although I agree that feeling accepted is important to people, what if they have some non-O.B.-related group of people who include them—does a person need to feel accepted by every group of which they are a part?


The helpful handout we were given detailing our awesome powers only talked about “positive” things we could do to get our team to work. I want an awesome negative power: the ability to, with the agreement of every other member of the team, kick someone out. I’m sure that believing that this might motivate people makes me a negative and bad person, though.

We also performed regular car maintenance today: oil, air pressure, updating OSU tags, etc. I also got my hair cut, and took a nap.

I spent this evening working on my math homework. Thankfully it was easy stuff (though I did drop some negatives and forget to square some denominators at first…sigh…), or else I might have been screwed. I’m still in the nebulous zone between safety and shaft, though—I haven’t done any other homework, yet. It’s gettin late, and I have miles to go.


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