In honor of the Senate’s thirty hours of uninterrupted debate about the advise & consent requirements of their job description, I’ll be pulling a similar all-nighter writing my OB group’s Brazil research paper.

Okay, fine. Coincident with the Senate’s all-night debate is my own personal hell—trying to write a paper from a bunch of “research” that is mostly bullet pointed text. I need to write this damn paper so I can get on with my life. Our situations aren’t quite the same, though: the senators get to take shifts through the night, so they don’t actually miss any real sleep in the end. Lucky them.

Hell, even now I’m delaying starting by updating my blog. As you can tell, I earlier delayed myself by reading The only productive thing I’ve done all evening is get the trappings of structure into my Word document: I have a title page, a table of contents page, executive summary page, and section titles established so far. Had the “country background” section not had a rough-draft due date, I would have fifteen pages to write right now; as it stands, I only need to pump out twelve.

Even earlier, I delayed by taking a three-hour nap. Actually, that was just because I was completely useless after dinner, and wanted half a snowball’s chance in hell of making significant, real progress tonight.

Why me?


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