Aluminum Wind Tunnel

Spent all of this evening on math homework. Yay. I was quite clever in figuring out what I was supposed to do in Matlab, but not so clever as to remember to throw in a 1/n term. That term makes all the difference in the world in my output, and I only got it because Renee was kind enough to help troubleshoot my program.

I finished at 2:00 am. Ugh. During the evening I noted that my computer had acted odd when I put it to sleep (it woke up again immediately afterwards, and then went back into sleep) and then had lost my desktop picture when I woke it up later…so I decided to run the Hardware Test CD that had been included with the computer when I bought it while I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed.

I guess the G5’s thermal sensors get cut off during the hardware test (recall that its nine fans adjust their speed based on the detected temperature), because my machine was approaching vacuum-cleaner levels of loudness from all the air it was pumping through its core. It was doing one hell of a job of circulating the air down here, and it was damn loud about it.

Damn damn.

And tomorrow is so going to be a lost cause for me. I’ve already lost, before I even get to bed.


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