An Actual Update!

Hmm. Now that I’ve taken a moment to reflect, I note that I don’t remember much of anything that’s happened the past few days. Probably has something to do with an already-poor memory under the duress of very little sleep.

I do, however, recall standing witness (along with Renee) to the world’s largest pillowfight last Friday. It was rather surreal, and quite entertaining; especially enjoyable were the north-side/south-side skirmishes that the Barometer makes reference to in its article. I have no idea why they mass divided like it did, but boy did it.

Haha. Kelly Engineering crater. Sometimes the Barometer impresses me; that description of the giant mid-campus hole-in-the-earth is especially apt. If I ever pull my digital camera out, on a not-rainy day, I’ll show y’all just how much of a crater it is.

And now we’ll do some indiscriminate linking. Interpretations of Matrix: Revolutions, anyone? (I sure as hell didn’t read that much into the series.) Well, then, how about some We have a sex machine, some speeding, one thing *I* didn’t learn in college, an example of powerful marketing, and something I could have used this last week. Oh, and in case you don’t think my site is fair and balanced (I can get away with saying that, so long as I don’t write it as “Fair and Balanced™”), one more for you.


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