Bullet Time

In honor of the death of the Matrix trilogy, I’ll emulate Ars Technica’s bullet-point “short update” method to get you up to the present again. But bullets are bad, so I’ll just do short fragmented sentences separated into paragraphs. Hell, if I didn’t bother writing this warning, you probably wouldn’t have noticed that anything was different.

My smart-ass answer to my linear algebra midterm problem somehow also happened to be a smart answer to the problem, so I kicked ass in that exam. I was damn lucky, there.

Saw Matrix: Revolutions with Eric last night. He was extremely underwhelmed by it. It met my expectations for it—which were darn low, after Reloaded.

Today I slept the entire day. I’m still overly tired. Think that flu shot I got has something to do with this. And the fact that I no longer get sleep on school nights.

Played some DDRmax2 this afternoon (in the all-too-brief period of consciousness I had in between last night’s sleep, and my extended afternoon nap). I completed my first 100-combo chain (or whatever they call it). I also managed to unlock the “put funky dancers on the screen, in between the psychedelic background and the arrows, to further distract you from your real task” feature of the game. w00t.

Watched the first disc of Infinite Ryvius tonight. It was weird, but I think I want to keep watching…looks to be a downer, though. I probably should have picked something more cheerful for the day’s entertainment.

I get to do everything tomorrow, too. Write a 15-page draft of a paper, take notes for another brutal tax midterm, do math programming. Refrain from hanging myself any more than the metaphorical lynch job I’ve already set myself up for. That kind of thing.


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