Classes Winding Down

I’m glad I stayed up late one last night, last week, to hash out something vaguely approximating a rough draft of my number theory paper. It turns out that the draft was actually worth part of the paper grade (this was news to all of us—mostly unwelcome news, to the slackers I associate with). I wound up with a 12/15, which is a lot better than I would have walked away with had I just gone to sleep that night.

I just finished writing my last two basic tax letters, and am now looking ahead towards wrapping up the remaining tax-class assignments. I still have an OB paper analyzing my work environment, but I suspect that I’ll actually enjoy doing that—it’ll be my test of organizational behavior theory. Will it be able to explain why my office is falling apart? I actually suspect that it will, if I think about it…and I’d be sold, if it demonstrated some way to actually fix things. (I really do like my office, for all the griping I do about it, and it’d be nice to get things straightened out again.)

In other office news, Jackie has decided that our (i.e. Marin’s and my, since Jackie has her own work area) cubicle is too disorganized. She’s now—without asking—rearranged the stuff on the floor to fit payment batches in the cubicle, and has taken the liberty of adding two (2!) hanging file-doohickeys for the papers that people traditionally leave on our desk. It’s mildly annoying, and oddly hilarious.


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