I’m only up until 2 am today. Better!

OB presentations today were all pretty predictable, save the last one: this crazy group actually used an audio tape as their presentation, with Spanish guitar music as transitions between sections. Visuals were provided by two members of the group who stood silently at the front of the room, one holding up a mass of white cards with stick figure drawings on them, and the other one throwing the front-most card on the floor as the audiotape moved on to the next topic. I can’t really begin to explain the effect—it was absolutely hilarious.

Ate lunch with Renee and Bryan at Domino’s pizza. The walk over was absolutely miserable, as it was damn cold out; while we were sitting inside Domino’s, thawing, we watched as the rain turned into some big snowflakes. Of course, that reverted to rain within half an hour—but it was that cold out. Brrrrrr.


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