One Day More

Only one thing now stands between me and the weekend: a number theory midterm.

Have I mentioned how I’m sick and tired of midterms? Thankfully, this is the last one for this term.

Next week is looking delightfully light, what with Thanksgiving eating up two days…all my classes were somehow front (and eighth-week) loaded, so I might really have time to breath between now and finals. I hope to heck I do, because I’m about as sleep-deprived as I can be without losing it completely.

Or else maybe I’m already gone, and that’s the only reason I think I haven’t lost it completely. Hmm. Either way, I haven’t started studying for this number theory midterm, and my brain’s already running on fumes.

And, while I try to study before collapsing for the night…if you can get this to work: what is up with that? I mean, seriously. Damn.


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