So I started doing my homework today by continuing my quest to save the world from Sin. I am currently poised to battle That Bastard, Seymour, on top of Mount Gagazet. I followed that up with a failed attempt at a nap, and some poking around on the web. I then calculated that, under certain circumstances that arise in a problem in my tax book, a Roth IRA can kick the crap out of a traditional IRA even when one’s expected marginal tax rate decreases upon retirement. (The traditional wisdom is that Roth IRAs are good when you expect your marginal tax rate to increase in the future, since you pay your tax up front, and traditional IRAs are better when your marginal rate will decrease, since you pay taxes when you remove money, later.) It totally screwed up the tax letter I was outlining in my head.

I then had the opportunity to see Final Fantasy X-2 firsthand. The girls all wear fairly revealing clothing, and even strike a pose the first time they appear together. Oh my. This is what happens when Final Fantasy X channels the spirit of Charlie’s Angels—the Charlie’s Angels of recent movie memory.

This is the Clueless of the Final Fantasy series.

It’s nothing like Final Fantasy X. It’s so infused with Spunky Girl Power that I’m going to have to build up my tolerance over time. I’ll have to distance it from FFX in my head, too—i.e. by beating FFX, and then waiting a while (and until I’m in an extremely lighthearted mood) before picking X-2 up.



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