This Detested Hour

Since I still have to perform my nightly routine, it appears that tonight will be another night where I witness the godawful hour of 4 AM. This time it’s courtesy of a number theory “hashing function” paper rough draft—thanks to the time I pumped into the OB paper, this “rough draft” is quite a bit more “uh…going to look at this” than actual work. Ugh.

Funny thing in dance today. Kristi came over and sat down next to me as I changed into my dance shoes. Once I finished we danced, and Kristi mentioned that she had seen my records pass through the graduation audit pile in the College of Science, where she works. Later in dance class, Mandy mentioned the same thing—only from the College of Business office. She was impressed by my dual major and Honors College status…dunno what she thought when I mentioned that the Honors bit was going to go away.

Ack. Must get to sleep, or I’m going to start killing things accidentally tomorrow.



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