Viennese Waltz

Well, tax was once again a complete and utter bear. I expected it this time, though, so the effect on my psyche wasn’t nearly as strong as the first time. Nevertheless, it sapped my mental capacity completely; I was a zombie in dance class immediately after the exam.

Being a zombie isn’t entirely bad, though, because it lets me do things that normal thought might otherwise preclude. Namely, the Viennese waltz. (For those of you not in the know, Viennese is the ultra-psychotic hyper-speed death-twirl of waltzes.) I was actually pretty good at it, which was extremely nice—I actually have learned something in my repeated Ballroom III classes. [Of course, with a dance where you’re spinning so rapidly, your partner makes or breaks you…and I definitely have better luck with some gals than with others.] As I walked into dance, I saw Kristi was on her cell phone writing stuff down on a pad of paper. She later said she had been on the phone with Eileen (who Kristi described as “the goddess of math”), solving some homework problem. I guess Dr. Murphy was right: all you need to do math, anywhere, is a pencil and paper.

Never got my paper written over the weekend, and math took forever due to a typo that drained an hour of my time. Now I face a different math assignment due Friday, and writing a draft of this 15-page paper in the next few nights. Graaar.

But, now, I have a date with destiny—my first full night of sleep this week.


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