If there’s one lesson that’s been beaten into me repeatedly this term, it’s been that I would do well to not put off my damn papers. Have I learned that lesson?

Hell no!

I just spent the last five hours in the Milne computer lab writing one (1) program for the code section of my hashing function paper. (The paper, as it stands right now, is one one-and-a-half page piece of introductory prose.) My program doesn’t even do anything all that spiffy, when I look back at it.

The paper is due by noon on Tuesday. I also have my O.B. final at 7:30 AM on Tuesday. At this rate, I’ll only have half a paper, and I won’t have gotten any sleep before my test. That’s even skipping studying for the test.

I’ve also determined that hashing functions, though they are usually based off of modular arithmetic, have very little actual math behind them. That’s a shame, since I’m writing this paper for a math class.

I’m so toast.


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