Closing Battles

Today was a day of study for my linear algebra final, after a second night of catching up on sleep. (Eleven hours from Tuesday to Wednesday, and ten hours from Wednesday to Thursday—good times!) After the exam—where Dr. Faridani was once again kind to us—I went down to the Slug where I found Britt. Had an enjoyable extended conversation with him, which will probably be the last time I see him (for a good while, at the very least); he’s graduating and heading off to Africa (!) for a year. OSU’s going to be that much less friendly next term, I’m afraid.

Once I got home I assembled my things for tomorrow’s road trip to see Andy’s new apartment. Yes, I am once again leaving my house for over 24 hours. Gasp! Should be an adventure, since I’ll be driving around places I’ve never been. I’m thinking I’ll take off early enough to avoid Friday rush-hour traffic.

Alas, I have a bit more tax to study before I crash and burn tonight…so I won’t be getting another 8+ hours of sleep tonight. Tax class, unlike numerical linear algebra, won’t be pulling any punches tomorrow.

Anyhoo, enjoy the start of the weekend! I’ll probably be back Saturday afternoon sometime, unless Andy’s Saturday poker crew includes the likes of Nick and other friendly faces.


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