I was halfway nauseated today, so I did my best to minimize my food intake. That worked until about 4:00 pm, when my body made an ultimatum: I had to give it something to run on, or it was going to quit on me. Fortunately for me, one of the doctors had been kind enough to buy us lunch today, and there were plenty of leftovers—so I had a Roly Poly sandwich and a mini-cheesecake.

And then my nausea went full-blown. Ugh.

Yesterday I checked my email, and found a custom-crafted insult (in the form of the cheesy dialogue that pops up after a match, a la Street Fighter) sent to me by Andy. So, if you too feel the need to have Mai taunt me as having lost a match because I was distracted by Dan’s pink gi, feel free to help yourself.

And if you want to be even more creative, have a look at this Historic Tale Construction Kit. Reminds me of a Something Awful Comedy Goldmine from not too long ago.

And, lastly: heh.

OK. I’ve given you the tools. Now y’all just need to shake your head and have a mental accident, as one of my favorite professors likes to say. That’s creativity.


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