Destroyer of Objects

It seems I break everything I touch. This morning my wireless router went belly-up. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the damn thing to respond to my computer; once I finish writing this, I’ll do some more battle with it. How annoying.

A good part of the rationale behind mucking with the wireless router was because my family will soon get to add an iMac to our wireless network. We got an Airport card today, and this evening attempted to install it; too bad for us that the iMac needs a special Airport card adaptor that must be purchased separately from the main Airport card. Aargh! Even more frustrating is that I have a clear memory that I used to have such an adaptor, but (apparently) threw it away quite some time ago.

Back then, I must have figured that it’d be a cold day in Hell before I would have any reason to stick an Airport card in the iMac. Judging by the fact that I now have a reason to stick an Airport card in the iMac, as well as the fact that iTunes is now available on Windows (you may recall Apple’s short-lived ad campaign announcing the application: “Hell Froze Over”), it’s obvious that we exist in the one of a multitude of parallel universes where incredibly improbable events occur. Remember Sliders?

If that’s the case, then maybe I should start asking more girls out.

Anyhoo, after discovering that I wasn’t going to be installing an Airport card in the iMac tonight, I tried to put the iMac’s built-in Airport antenna cord back into the case—and bent it unnaturally. Hopefully I didn’t break the sucker. I then dropped the Airport card itself.

It’s been an absolutely lovely day. I can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive.


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