Media Disinterest

So I finally figured out why my wireless router wasn’t responding to anything—I told it not to respond to anything. And it actually accepted that. Stupid router.

Last night my family watched Finding Nemo, which was good fun. Today I started thinking about it, and realized that my parents have seen more “current” movies than I have—they are, in reality, more with-it than I am. That’s never happened before; historically I’d be the one watching a different movie every weekend, and my parents would watch a movie only if they ran across one on TV. And now that I watch very little TV, and listen to my CDs or iPod rather than the radio…I’ve become increasingly detached from the few common experiences I used to share with others. Makes making small talk more difficult; not too many people could relate if I walked up to them and started talking Azumanga Daioh. On the other hand, I never really had that much interest in the small talk I could make; perhaps that’s a good deal of the reason I’ve always had difficulty talking to strangers. At least I still skim over newspapers (or the CNN web site) and read through US News & World Report, so I still know about major current events.

I guess I’m just not all that interested in movies, these days. I am interested in seeing The Last Samurai, though, as well as Return of the King. Beyond that…meh. Radio music these days is Clear Channel music, and is no good. And TV is…TV. News channels tell you, and then tell you, and then tell you the same damn thing over and over until you turn them off, and a good deal of TV programs are just dumb. There are good shows that I’ll stop and watch (West Wing, 24, Law & Order, CSI) if I run across them, but no shows that I’ll actively search out.

Whining about music reminds me: when in the world is Apple going to put Black Sabbath’s Iron Man up on the iTunes Music Store? Lee and John’s influence on my musical tastes—however limited—live with me to this day.

I wasted today away pretty good, actually. Got very little done, but also didn’t really relax like I wanted to, either. That’s the sign of quality. Humorously, now that I have some time to do what I want to do, wasting time by playing Final Fantasy X has become much less appealing.

I did watch two more Kimagure Orange Road OVA episodes this evening. They were much better written than “White Lovers,” though, and so provide no real humor that I can share.


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