Not Much To Say

Went to work today. Boss didn’t listen to his employees, again. Yay. Eric came over after work and we had some fun chatting.

Basically, not much to write home about. I have a new Super Mario Bros. 3 desktop picture (wallpaper, whatever), courtesy of desktopgaming. Clever stuff, if you appreciate (mostly old school) video games.

One of my less-followed interests is design—both in terms of layout (of pages or, more recently, web pages) and interface (real-world objects, and computer GUI). I stayed up too late last night reading some articles on GUI design, which reminded me of my interest in the area. On the off chance that others might find them interesting reads as well, here they are: design, and craftsmanship.

That rigmarole about my life getting more interesting once school ended? Lies. Life is, however, much less stressful these days—at least in the evenings. Work tends to be rather frustrating while the sun shines.


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