Still Sleeping

I’m still catching up on sleep, and I’m still on a screwed-up sleep cycle. I continue to not feel like writing a whole lot, either. Thus my poor blog continues to suffer.

Played some Soul Calibur II on the PS2 when I visited Andy this weekend. It pretty much sucked: the graphics were inferior to SC on the Dreamcast, and the improvements were either questionable (did the gals really need enhanced jiggle algorithms?) or added little value over the original concept (ooh! Different weapon stats!). The matches were also over damn fast; it’s been a while since I played Soul Calibur—and I know those rounds were quick—but these new rounds feel even shorter. I’m certainly not going to plunk any of my money down on the game.

Guilty Gear XX, though…continues to be great fun. Andy has his PS2 hooked up to an HDTV, which was the first time I ever saw Guilty Gear look pixelated (it really was designed for the lower-resolution “standard” TVs)…but it was still smooth as all heck. And I could still play it well, despite having laid my controller down (with respect to that game) before school started.

And, on a sidenote, go to and check out the definition of the word “pixilated.” I didn’t know that.

Yesterday evening Marin and I watched FLCL in its entirety (six episodes, so we weren’t that bad). It is another anime that leaves me completely bewildered as to how I could review such a beast. I’m going to have to watch it through again to see if I can make heads or tails of the story; you get a sense that there’s a deeper meaning to it all, but you get no sense as to what that deeper meaning is. I suppose that, in many ways, is enough—the show was entertaining, and it’ll most definitely be entertaining on a second pass.

Today I pretty much wasted. Go me.


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