A Lesson

I’m either going to switch from a nocturnal to a morning schedule, or I’m going to die. It’s that simple. I came quite close to expiring today, embarrassingly soon after my 8:00 am class ended (I staved off death by taking an hour-long nap in the SLUG…not my finest moment, since it was then nine in the morning).

Probability felt like it might make half-sense, if I really knew what I was doing. Strategic Management, though, co-stars Scott (a previous partner from my fabulously-successful—in every way except actually running our bank—financial institutions group project) and Mandy (old acquaintance from Ballroom III). It’s a small class, too, which might make it interesting. I still need to read chapter two of my book for that class, so I can write a 3-4 page paper to turn in on Wednesday. I hate writing-intensive courses (which says nothing, really, since this is the only WIC course I’ve taken).

Oh yeah. And they passed out this take-home survey about WIC courses in my WIC class. It’s entirely optional—and it looked long—so I recycled it this evening. Hah! See the awesome time-management skillz I have acquired from college!


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