Another Day Off

Today was the first time in school history that OSU closed on two consecutive days; they were only the seventh and eighth days that OSU has closed, ever. Sadly, it sounded more like the campus closed due to fallen trees, fallen power lines, and broken water pipes than due to the ice that was still around this morning. I still think OSU would have been better served, all around, if it had just postponed the start of classes another week and given me my entire frickin’ month off from school.

It was a good thing OSU closed, too, because we lost power about 2:30 am today. Though my dad somehow noticed that, and warned Marin and me, I somehow screwed up setting the alarm on my wristwatch and overslept. Had I needed to get to school, it would have been awfully tight. As it was, it was just frickin’ cold in my house.

And then I noticed the horizontal tree in the park out back. I’m glad that sucker fell away from us…upon closer inspection, we saw that several trees and plants had been destroyed by the weight of the ice. Later the temperature finally rose above freezing, and the entire neighborhood began to collectively thaw; I was reminded that melting ice can make a lot of noise.

I was so sad without electricity! How could I use my nifty electronic devices? The way I figured it, I had an almost-empty battery in my camera, and full batteries in both my iPod and PowerBook. After that, I’d be completely without electronic entertainment. sniff. I made use of the camera battery, but that was about it.

Instead I finished reading the book I’ve been making my way through—Faster, by James Gleick (it actually wasn’t that good, which disappointed me)—and took a nap. By the time I woke up again, the power was on. Yay! I celebrated by taking a shower and going in to work. Argh.

Finished the evening off by watching a little s-CRY-ed and looking at the pitiful pictures I took of the ice this morning. If I get desperate for content in the next few days, I’ll put the in-focus one (well, OK…two) up.


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