Bizarre Adventure

My blog has become a JavaScript junkie. Like most junkies, I never intended for it to end this way… it just sort of happened. Now—and this is actually a horrible thing to do, since it means those without JavaScript enabled are really hosed—my navigation links (on the left, above the picture) are written by a tiny bit of JavaScript code. The reason for this? So that, if I ever need to change where my links point, or add more links, I only have to edit one JavaScript file as opposed to changing the HTML for every single month’s blog. A more elegant method would be to make use of CGI, but Comcast won’t let me run scripts—so I’m forced to resort to this. Oh, and I changed things around again with the picture loading code… hopefully the sidebar picture will now appear faster for modem users.

In today’s news, I ate lunch with UHC office Tammy at American Dream, and later ate dinner with Eric at Arby’s. Yum^2.

And, in a case of Fate having extremely poor timing, my family is once again with dog. Marin and my mom had been looking for a dog for ages, but never found one that would work in my family… until today. Meet Jo Jo:

(Picture blatantly ripped from the Heartland Humane Society website.) He actually looks cuter in that picture than he does in real life; his legs are a bit long for his body, and his face a bit shorter than I would have expected. Anyway, he was neglected, and found his way to Heartland… where Marin and my folks found him. He’s awful quiet right now, but I suspect he’ll come out of his shell eventually.

Oh, and he doesn’t actually know his name, so we can name him whatever we want; Jo Jo apparently was just the name the humane society used. Suggestions?


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