Bullet time

I’m too tired to come up with more than two coherent sentences on a subject, so I’ll resort to the non-bullet-point bullet-point method of updating tonight.

Had an enjoyable chat with Eileen today. Missed probability because of it, though.

Got good grades on both math and business homework, despite deliberately ignoring special cases and typing my paper in the two hours before class (respectively). I obviously spent too much time on my work, in the past.

Kicked it old-school with Scott and Mandy in Strategic Management, where we had to code various threats to a business as H: high, M: medium, and L: low. We independently elected to grade on an H/M/J scale, just so we could say our code stood for “J: low.”

Stopped by the UHC office and chatted with Andrea (me: “yeah, so I should be in probability right now…but I’m not”) and Joe (“Oregon Farmer’s chatting with Idahoan Farmer. Says ‘Idaho wolf got on my land last night.’ Idahoan Farmer asks how Oregon Farmer knew the wolf was from Idaho. Oregon Farmer says ‘Because he got stuck in a trap. He gnawed three legs off, and was still trapped.'”).

Saw Elizabeth (from OB and tax classes last term), and chatted with her on the shuttle ride back to my car. Both of us are happy last term is over with.

Got A&W for dinner; ate with Eric. Yum.

Looked at my probability homework, due Friday. Was extremely confused, so I elected to update my blog and go to bed early.


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