Yes! Starting right now, this blog features the latest in blogging innovation: the rotating picture! Every time this page loads, a random picture (currently out of ten pictures all used previously for the blog…no need to collect them all) will be chosen for display.

Yes, it’s a tiny bit of JavaScript. Yes, the page still functions normally if JavaScript isn’t enabled.

Why JavaScript? Because Comcast won’t let me run anything on their servers: as far as they’re concerned, I’m lucky I can host HTML and CSS files. Incidentally, that’s also the reason why this blog has no viewable comment link (I really miss that feature), or that mysterious TrackBack link I see in so many other blogs.

I dunno if I’ll keep my rotating images—I’m somewhat partial to having the title of the page linked to a particular picture. Next, I suppose, is to see if I can change the title of the page depending on what picture is selected. Anyway: what do you all think? It ain’t much…


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