New Year, Same Old Problem

Happy New Year, everybody!

It’s too bad I have the same problem every New Year: I have to try and remember what year it is, again. I guarantee that my initial inclination will be to screw up every single check I write in the next two months.

It was a quiet New Years for me; helped Brian burn a CD, chatted with Brian’s parents, corrupted Brian’s mind with The Kid Show, tried to cleanse his brain with the Scrapped Princess opening and end. Sadly, I took a nap earlier in the evening and required the use of caffeine to prop me upright; now I seem to be up and running fairly well. I really should stop this screwy sleep cycle.

I’m currently fighting my routers again. My wireless router does a bang-up job for wireless connections; it fails horribly for wired machines, though. I’m now back on a functioning two-router system. Ugh.

I may have some hope for getting my wired network to see my wireless network this time, though. I just need to fiddle a bit more!


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