Sakaki’s Awesome

Check out this Azumanga Daioh animated gif that somebody (I wish I knew who, but the source was rather intelligible) put together. The one cowering is Chiyo-chan, and the one saving her is Sakaki.

Quiet weekend. Andy, Myles, and Betsy (Myles’ girlfriend) came down, and we joined Darren to watch the Beavers play the Huskies (basketball, this time). We watched in disbelief as the Beavers took a sixteen-point lead, with five minutes to go, and pissed it away—having the Huskies tie the game with a three-pointer right at the buzzer. In overtime, the Beavers’ crushed spirits allowed the Huskies to clean up. It was sad, sad, sad.

We mourned (well, OK, Andy mourned) with burgers at Clodfelter’s. Andy and Myles became obsessed with the pinball machine hidden in the corner of the main room, while Betsy, Darren, and I shook our heads. This pinball machine was particularly boring to watch, in my opinion.

That evening, Marin and I watched the first disc of Rahxephon. I’d seen the first disc before, quite some time ago, and found it thoroughly entertaining. I’m looking forward to seeing where this show goes.

Sunday was even less notable than Saturday was. I burned a fourth pair of DVDs archiving data at work, but that was about it. Woo. Exciting stuff, ne?


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