Whaddaya Know

OSU appears to have hopped on the clue train, and has cancelled classes today. Too bad this only affects my Latin I dance class.

The weather people now say the “freezing rain” presently falling (it actually seems to be more hail than freezing rain, if you ask me) will last most of the day, rather than just the morning. Most amusingly, to me, was the last line of a weather alert from the National Weather Service (now, sadly, removed): IF YOU DECIDE TO LEAVE THE SAFETY OF INDOORS, YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR LIFE IN DANGER.

You don’t have to tell me twice: I’ll be kicking it in my basement again. Right now I’m watching/listening to a streaming broadcast of the newest MacWorld keynote address, where I saw (live!) the introduction of Apple’s newest iApp: GarageBand. If it lets me do basic music editing, along with the rest of the stuff it does, I may have to tap that.


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