In major news today, I finally finished coming up with lame titles to pair with new sidebar pictures. What will be known to future generations as the “rerun phase” is over! haha.

Yes, the titles are supposed to be bad. Stop looking so nonplussed!

Scanned a whole lot of batches at work today. I’m now actually current in a few corporations, and aim to be current in the others before too long. Came home to watch the State of the Union address (a new annual habit I’ve picked up, for whatever reason), and then to read my Strategic Management text. Thirty pages never felt so long. (Kinda sad, as it’s actually not the least-interesting textbook I’ve ever read through.)

I actually haven’t done any homework since last Thursday. That’s not so hot, since (I intended to do homework over the weekend) I have probability homework due on Friday—I can’t goof off any longer without seriously paying for it.

I hate paying for it.


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