I neglected to mention last night that I was surprised by the voice of Eclair, from Kiddy Grade. Wow. She’s going to take some getting used to, to put it mildly. And the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (“GOTT”) has got to reassess their standard procedures. I mean, this is the process for arresting someone:

Confront the suspect. No need to restrain him/her, at this point!

Charge the suspect with being an interstellar criminal by your authority as a GOTT ES member. Flash your badge.

Communicate with the chief of the GOTT to get “authorization to execute an arrest.” The chief (so far as I’ve seen) will grant the authorization posthaste.

Pledge allegiance to the chief (erm… put your hand over your heart) at the same time as your partner, while simultaneously verbally acknowledging the positive response.

Be once again flummoxed by the alleged interstellar criminal, since you took too damn long not-arresting him/her.

I managed to form a good, strong water bubble in my right ear as I showered this morning. It drove me crazy for a good four hours, and effectively rendered me deaf on that side… and I’m not normally known for my excellent hearing. It finally gave up the ghost when I decided to take a nap, and I was much happier afterwards.

Took some ibuprofen this afternoon, since my body’s been aching recently—and I noticed that the expiration date on the bottle read “NOV/02.” Oopsie. Perhaps that’s why it hasn’t seemed to be all that effective.

Right now, when I’m not courting the idea of another nap, I feel like cleaning things out—both on my computer’s hard drive, which has accumulated quite the boatload of junk, and in the area around my computer. If nothing else, I have a pile of old computer magazines I should really recycle.


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