Not gonna make two more weeks

On Monday I went to talk to my professor about the fact that I had a partner project in a week (this coming Monday), but hadn’t seen my partner since day three. There was another guy who also needed to talk to the professor about how to save his grade; he was such a slacker that he was the only one in the class who had never bothered to sign up with a partner, despite the fact that we spent a good deal of class time getting things worked out early in the term.

So it turns out that the way to save his grade is to partner with Brent. Doh!

I just got an email from the guy, who “had been thinking a lot about the project” and thought that we should cover all sorts of topics ripped from the syllabus. He didn’t think we could find a single company that would embody the list of topics he provided, but thought we could piece things together by talking about a bunch of companies. Oh, and he was free to meet on Sunday night, and didn’t think it’d take that long to put together.

What are we supposed to do? Find an article on a company, make connections between that company and some of the class topics, write a two-page paper and give a twelve-minute PowerPoint presentation on it all.

Let’s go over all the points my partner missed:

1. Find an article

2. On one company

3. Write a paper

Furthermore, I’d assume from his “let’s throw lots of stuff together” plan that he’s unaware that the presentation cannot be any longer than twelve minutes. Needless to say, I think I’ll be meeting him on Sunday evening—with an article, a paper, and a PowerPoint presentation in hand.

Only two more weeks…


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