Had fun mouthing off in strategic management today. We had formed a line so that the professor could check off whether or not we had the slightest sliver of work done on a journal that we’ve (theoretically) been keeping all term, and the line was progressing slowly. As I reached the professor, I commented to the guy behind me that he should note my nice title, “Journal,” and the fact that there was text underneath that title. The guy behind me then admitted (jokingly) that his journal was really a case study for the class retitled.

Ran into old high school classmates Matt and Rachel C. today in the Commons; it was nice to see familiar faces, but odd to see two of them at once. Yes, it really is time for me to move on.

And speaking of (not) moving on, everybody who grew up playing Metroid on the NES owes it to themselves to check out MetroidMetal.com. I grew up listening to that music. Powerful stuff, man. Powerful.


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