Pepsi Vanilla isn’t half the cola Vanilla Coke is. Regardless of which soda product you generally prefer.

Andy came down to visit today. After eating at Pita Pit (where you can no longer order teriyaki chicken, but can get grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce), we went to visit ex-UHC-head advisor Jane and her husband Mr. Bill. (Yes, everybody calls him that.) It was good to see them again. Afterwards, I handily trashed Andy’s Jam with my Baiken repeatedly. I informed Andy that his Jam should practice more before facing me again, and he informed me I was treading into dangerous territory.

This evening I (barely) fought off sleep to head to the first Ballroom Dance of the term. I still enjoy watching more than dancing, which places me squarely in the “weird” group. I did get out on the floor a handful of times, though.

But that’s not the important part. At the dance—and I had to check multiple times, because I just couldn’t believe it—I saw UHC office Jen. She graduated last year, and I thought she was gone from OSU forever. Nope—she now has a gig at the local CCC office. Eric and I should hunt her down in the near future and hang; it’s been far too long.

Another weird thing was that Robin, the gal from my dance class who randomly stopped and chatted with me in the Commons one day, looked rather unhappy after the dance was over. The other Robin from my dance class was talking to her, though, so I didn’t stop to check on her. The important thing, I figure, is that you have someone there… and though I’m preferable to nothing, most people are probably more skilled at those situations than I am.


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