[sound of tossing cookies]

I threw up today. I’m sure you all wanted to know that; I’m just as thrilled to be able to type that in all honesty. I feel like complete junk, which has once again destroyed any plans I had to get a serious amount of homework done today. Go me.

Guess I’ll at least mention the few things that have happened over the last few days that have been notable:

In last Tuesday’s dance class, the instructor put on a “beginner’s cha-cha” (we were moving from merengue to cha-cha that day) that had a hilariously over-accentuated beat (“BUM BUM BUM cha-cha”), to introduce the class to the basic rhythm. From there she put in a different CD and fired up Smooth, by Santana (featuring Rob Thomas). She then said, “yes, this is definitely Santana doing a cha-cha.” Hey—I found it funny. As you might guess from this, we only covered the extreme basics of the dance that day. When we finally got to dance to music, though, I found that my partner (Laurie? Dunno how to spell her name) loved cha-cha like no other dance—so I unlocked my ballroom III-level cha-cha moves. That makes me sound cooler than I really was, but I’ll let it slide.

On Wednesday I was in the Commons, furiously speed-reading my Strategic Management text after having eaten lunch, when I heard a gal say “Hey, Brent!” Lo and behold, it was Robin from dance classes of past (ballroom III) and present (latin I). She asked me what I was reading, which segued into talk of majors and dancing before we went our separate ways. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have too many females (especially those who don’t know me all that well) come up completely of their own accord (I was so engrossed in my text that Sandra Bullock could have walked by and I wouldn’t have noticed) to chat with me. It was odd, but I could get used to it.

On Thursday, then, we did some more cha-cha. Laurie remembered my name this time, and described me as “the guy who knows what he’s doing.” To which I replied: "!!!" I’ve never been described that way before, especially in relation to dance. Also amusing was that another gal in the class was telling me about how one of the other leads was “kinda creepy”; by implication, I figure, that means I’m not creepy. That’s always a plus, especially in a dance class.

Friday… er… I don’t remember too well. Ah, yeah, I was late to a bunch of my classes, for various reasons. Go me. That evening, an Undisclosed Friend and I watched that classic movie, Hackers. Let me tell you, $1.99 was too much to pay to watch that movie. Even if I only paid the 99 cents of that. These hackers were totally elite: they had awesome handles (“I don’t have an identity until I have a handle!”) like “Crash Override” (a.k.a. “Zero Cool,” the fabled hacker whose virus single-handedly took down 1507 computers in one day), Acid Burn, Cereal Killer, and Lord Nikon. They totally used abbreviations such as “b 4” and “how R U?” The gal, played by Angelina Jolie, had a rocking 28.8 K modem that was too hot for all the boys to play with. Half of them used the ultimate hacker machine: the Apple Powerbook, running something not-OS X. And they even brought out the internet to do some wide-scale damage to a specific computer system. Awesome stuff.

My Undisclosed Friend, however, was disappointed that there wasn’t any scene featuring Angelina Jolie’s naked back; he had seen a preview for the movie as a young, impressionable, male, and that scene was apparently one of the two defining moments of the preview.

I likened it to the back of the box for the movie Hangmen, which we had seen at Hollywood while picking up Hackers. That box featured a large picture of a female in a suit packing heat—and, of course, she wasn’t in the movie at all.

Today I’ve been poking around the blogging world again, when I haven’t been tossing my cookies or sleeping. Out of curiosity, I checked to see if Mike Toole (of Anime Jump fame) has a blog; I don’t know if it’s the same Mike Toole, but there is definitely a Mike Toole blog out there. And it has some hilarious stuff in it—my personal favorite:

I wish John McCain would run again on an independent ticket. He should have destroyed Bush, but it’s hard to fight the Bush family. McCain is so badass. If he was in office on September 11th, he would have addressed the nation on September 12th, live from a cave in Afghanistan, holding the severed head of bin Laden.


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