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I can summarize both Thursday and Friday as follows: I did the bare minimum required of me to get through my day, and then collapsed in a heap. Friday, Marin pieced together that she and I are considered “nonessential employees” by the management at work.

If that had any positive meaning in our office, such as “doesn’t have to come in on snow days,” I’d be happy. As it stands, I’m just tired of it all.

Today was a much better day, since I got to work with Renee and Bryan on my math homework (sad what passes for social time in my life these days…). They’re a hoot to be around, since they always have some crazy story to tell. Today, among many other things, I was reminded of Dr. Parks’ story of how every French math proof begins with “Nous sommes,” which he (incorrectly, it seems) translated as We beasts of burden. Needless to say, every math proof ought to begin that way.

At some point Bryan got hungry, and so we moved our homework camp to the King-Tin restaurant. On the way to Renee’s car we passed Eileen, who was headed in to campus; seeing her put a big ol’ grin on my face.

Spent the evening watching the second disc of Rahxephon, where Marin once again went against all odds by calling something an episode before the show seriously began dropping hints about it… I’m enjoying Rahxephon far too much; it’s obvious that it’s a well-crafted story, and I’ll be darned if I don’t savor the heck out of it. We followed Rahxephon up with the first disc of Kiddy Grade, which suffered some for the contrast. Reviews pegged Kiddy Grade’s first disc as (essentially) not bad, but not great—and I’d have to agree. Marin’s heard that the show really picks up after episode ten… but, of course, that’s ten episodes in.

Argh… still haven’t shaken off whatever bug has been haunting me for ages. First it was a week of nausea, now it’s been a week plus of extreme fatigue. I’m ready to be healthy again; it’s unbecoming of me to be exhausted at 11:00 pm. (Yes, that means I’m seriously dragging as I type this.)


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