This is the first night of my Eternal Spring Break that my sister and I actually sat down and watched some anime. Now it feels like a proper break. Seems I’ve made some weird association between the two.

The anime of the moment? None other than the show I’ve blindly bought as a gift and recommended a friend buy his girlfriend for Christmas: Fruits Basket! I’m happy to say that my gift and advice turned out to be just fine, in my opinion. Though it doesn’t have a huge overarching storyline like that of Rahxephon—heck, the two shows have darn little in common—Furuba provides the same this is quality sense that Rahxephon exudes.

In Real Life news, I ate lunch with Yunho today at Fung’s Chinese Garden. (Good food!) Yunho’s a student from South Korea who came to the States for graduate school; I met him in my organizational behavior class, which was a prerequisite he needed to fulfill. He’s a remarkably nice guy, and is quite cheerful for being so far away from his family and friends… He talked about his girlfriend—who he probably would never marry, as both parents are both against their relationship (keep in mind that Korea is quite collectivistic, socially, whereas the US is much more individualistic)—and worries about his country—both about its president, who had recently been impeached, as well as North Korea.

In talking, I began to wonder if the entire world is actually becoming polarized. It’s easy enough to see in the US, for sure, though I don’t have anything to really prove my postulate. However, I still can’t shake the feeling that we’re heading towards a point where many things (Israel and Palestine, the Middle East in general, North Korea, etc.) are going to give—one way or another—in rather rapid succession…. Think of some bastardization of Gould’s idea of punctuated equilibrium, where we’re reaching a point of dramatic change.

I usually dislike change.

Gaa. I should make an effort to have something more notable than a random (half-) thought occur each day. I’ll try harder, tomorrow.


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