It seems that staying up late writing junk for a business final is good for my REM sleep, since I had the first dreams that I can remember in quite a while last night. The first one featured me wandering around campus with a sword; though the sword didn’t deal any damage to normal people, it took out vampires like nobody’s business.

There were a decent number of vampires on campus, too.

In my second dream I realized that, over the course of time, humanity had “lost” mathematics nine times. Each time math was lost to people, they eventually redeveloped it—and eventually attained a point where they had knowledge that was too dangerous for them to have, and so suffered the fate of being stripped of all mathematical knowledge again.

My dreams aren’t usually like that second one. The idea seemed rather poetic, and sad, to my dream-self.

In other news, I’ve attended my last class at OSU. All that remains between me and eternal spring break are my three finals… Now I’ll astound the world by continuing to work on my business final—during the daytime.



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