After the final buyout decision had been made by the board of RJR Nabisco—per the movie Barbarians at the Gate—one of members of the bidding team that lost just let loose with periodic, vehement F-bombs throughout one extended scene, with no regard to what everybody else around him was saying. It was hilarious.

My strategic management professor elected to start our last day of class by wearing a Halloween mask of some funky almost-pirate thing, complete with Big Hair, Big Mustache, and Fake Sneer revealing Crooked Teeth. After about five minutes, he got tired of having to repeat himself because the mask muffled everything he said, and just left the room.

A minute later he returned, mask in hand and one hell of a grin on his face. That was also entertaining.

Sadly, though, I am now in possession of two take-home exams, one due Monday at high noon, and the other due Thursday at 5:00 pm. I also continue to be excessively tired, so I think I’ll try the radical idea of going to bed early. Hopefully this will be the first step in my plot to dominate my exams, one last time. Specifically, my plan for success is:

1. Go to bed early.

2. …

3. Profit! Drop the bomb on exams.

I think it’s workable.


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